Hey there! 👋 I'm Peter Ma, a second year student at the University of Toronto and Laidlaw Scholar with an interest in deep learning, astronomy and high performance computing.

Currently, I'm an intern researcher at the UC Berkeley SETI Research Center funded by the Breakthrough Listen Initative to develop deep learning algorithms on high performance computers to help search the nearest 1 million stars for signs of life beyond Earth. I'm grateful to be working under the supervision of both Dr. Cherry Ng and Dr. Andrew Siemion and to work alongside the Breakthrough Listen team on this incredible project. The end goal is to build the first ever SETI search pipeline for both the VLA and MeerKAT telescope. We're bringing together some of the most powerful instruments to tackle the question of "are we alone in the universe?"

My previous project with the team was on build a hybrid cloud computing pipeline on GCP to dynamically scale astronomy research tools. I worked on the network architecture, frontend, backend and the algorithm packages used for radio astronomy. This done under the supervision of Dr. Steve Croft!

Find me \(\Rightarrow \) Email: peterxy.ma [at] gmail [dot] com and Twitter @peterma02.

I also boulder/rock climb pretty often, hit me up if you're also into that kind of stuff!

Here are a few quick things about me: