Opening up a blank canvas is probably the most exciting feeling I've experienced. Making art has reliably made me feel truly free both intellectually and creatively. Unfortunately, I constantly struggle to find time for it (almost entirely because of school), I'm always making up for the lost time. Below is a small fraction of a few paintings I did back when I was a kid and some recent ones.

Waves - Painted when I was 15-16

I tend to paint weird/surreal type paintings and wanted to test my fundamentals. Wanted to express a feeling of relief similar to the feeling of being saved in a storm.

Lies - Painted when I was 18

In my opinion one of the greatest defining failures of regimes lay in the ruins of Chernobyl. A lie was told and now it will rain invisible bullets for the next 40,000 years.

Self Portrait - Painted when I was 13

This painting is almost ~ 5 foot tall. At this point in life I felt "unfinished" I felt like there was much to learn in life yet school and society was telling me to HURRY UP and just grow up already! Thankfully I never did :)

Hope - Painted when I was 11

As a 6th grader I used to read a lot about history. I've always been at awe at the power of human ingenuity. The impossible engineering, the fight for good even at the face of death, and the awesomeness of culture and history. I felt like it ought to be "celebrated".

Fruits of Knowledge - Painted when I was 12

This painting is almost ~ 5 foot long. This was a painting hung up in my elementary school. And is meant to celebrate the teachings given by people before me.

War - Painted when I was 12

This painting is also almost ~ 5 foot long. I had a huge thing against dictators and the failures of society in the early 1900's. I wanted to justify that eventually humanity came through despite the death. I was a weird 12 yr old.

Smith State Rock Park - Painted when I was 18

This was a mother's day gift! Spent the COVID lock down painting more and gave this to my mom!

Unfinished Still Life - Painted when I was 12

Lol I didn't finish this painting. I had to do this to apply to an art high school. I hate still life's. Literally lifeless but hey it's supposed to show my technique?? ew.